paint protection film [ppf]

the ultimate protection for your vehicle


paint protection film

Paint protection film (PPF) is a transparent adhesive film which offers the toughest level of protection for your vehicle from:

- Scratches

- Stone chips

- Abrasion

- UV damage

ppf features

Self healing. The top layer of the film self heals so light marks are removed.


Hydrophobic. The paint protection film that we apply has a built in hydrophobic layer which helps to keep the vehicle cleaner for longer and easier to clean when you need to.

Template cut. We use cutting edge software along with our plotter to pre-cut the film using digital templates of the vehicle.

Paint protection film installation on side panel surface of luxury sports car. PPF is poly
PPF installation on a red sport car. PPF is a short name for Paint Protection Film. .jpg

where can it be applied?

PPF can be applied to the exterior paintwork of the vehicle, gloss black trim, headlights and brake lights

From full vehicle, forward facing areas or just partial coverage, we can cater to all needs.

gloss or satin/matte

The film is available in clear gloss or satin/matte finish.

Satin/matte paint can be challenging to maintain due to the fact that you can't polish it to remove scratches and will struggle to have any areas repainted well.

The satin film can be applied to a gloss vehicle for the popular 'stealth' look.

Matt finish of Paint protection film installed on rear panel of luxury sports car. PPF is

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