convertible roof services

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convertible roof cleaning

If you're lucky enough to own a convertible car then you'll be well aware of the enjoyment they can bring. The only downside can be maintaining the canvas or vinyl roof.

Not to worry as we offer a wide range of convertible roof services. The first step is to deep clean and dry the roof to remove dirt and green build up.

convertible roof protection

Once clean and dry we apply layers of protection to the roof to prevent water from soaking into the fibres. With the roof staying dryer for longer the dirt and green build up is reduced.

Typically we have 2 options. Most vehicles, new in to us, need a larger initial deep clean and then we recommend a annual clean and top up which we can offered at a reduced rate.

Annual Clean & Protect from £145 inc vat

Initial Deep Clean & Protect from £195 inc vat 

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convertible roof RECOLOURING

If a roof is clean but still tired and faded then the next step would be to recolour the roof. 

It is also possible to change the colour of the roof but you can only go darker, for example from blue to black.

From £295inc vat