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we offer a variety of options when it comes to detailing and protecting your motorbike

Inside our detailing studio we have a collection of motorbike specific tools and products including a bike lift and paddock stands.

These items along with our experience of motorbikes allows us to get exceptional results through cleaning and polishing, creating the perfect base for our range of protective options


what we offer

We have a range of motorbike detailing options to suit your needs.

From a standard wash a blow dry we then step up a tier and can machine polish the paintwork and other gloss areas, removing scratches and leading to the bike looking the best it ever has.

Once restored to its best we can apply protection to almost all surfaces including ceramic coatings which increase gloss and are almost a none stick coating for easier cleaning down the road.

We also specialise in Paint Protection Film (PPF) which is a clear vinyl and can withstand stone chips and scratches while remaining almost invisible.  

Have matte or satin paint? Not a problem as we have matte ceramic coatings and matte paint protection film


Please get in touch using the form below for a bespoke quote.

The pricing below will give you an example of similar costs.


1) Motorbike Wash & Blow Dry from £60

2) Motorbike Wash & Polish from £195

3) Motorbike Wash, Polish & Protect from £295

- Ceramic Coatings & Paint Protection Film (PPF)

NOT USING YOUR BIKE OVER WINTER? Contact us to discuss our winter collection and return options. It's the perfect time to have your motorbike detailed so you're ready to go once the weather improves!

Motorbike Detailing 

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