Maintain your Detailed vehicle for the road ahead

We've designed our Aftercare program to ensure that the exceptional results we achieve are maintained so that your car is always looking its best. Safely cleaned and protected!

The Gtechniq paintwork coatings that we use, Crystal Serum Light and Crystal Serum Ultra come with a manufacturer backed guarantee of 5 years (Light) and 9 years (Ultra). In order for to comply with the guarantee guidelines, we have to complete a FREE annual vehicle inspection. 

Monthly >>>

Maintanence Wash

Maintenance Wash

- Wheels & tyres cleaned with non-acidic cleaner

- Citrus Pre-Wash Applied & Rinsed

- Vehicle snow foamed & rinsed

- Bodywork '2 bucket' washed with PH neutral shampoo & soft wash mitt 

- Dried using soft microfiber towel

- Door shuts cleaned & dried

- Exterior glass cleaned

- Tyres Dressed 

- Air Freshener applied 

- Final vehicle inspection 


*price based on at least 1 wash per month. Exceptionally soiled vehicles may cost more



6 Monthly >>

Top-up Detail

Maintenance wash, plus:

- Interior express valet

- Paintwork Decontaminated (Iron Fallout & Tar removed)

- Exterior coatings topped up (paintwork, glass, alloys etc)

- Final vehicle inspection 

Wheels off Add-on: +£49

- We recommend that at least once a year the wheels are removed for a full front to back deep clean. Removes corrosive brake dust that can lead to expensive wheel refurbishments.

*prices based on regularly maintained vehicles. Exceptionally soiled vehicles may cost more



12 monthly >

Guarantee Inspection 

Maintain the Gtechniq ceramic coating guarantee by having a FREE annual inspection.

- Customer feedback taken.

- Vehicle accessed and any recommendations made. 


Free Service

*Please note that while this inspection is a free service and a requirement for the guarantee, should the vehicle require cleaning in order to inspect the condition then this will be charged at the above rate.



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