Maintain your Detailed vehicle for the road ahead

We've designed our Aftercare program to ensure that the exceptional results we achieve are maintained so that your car is always looking its best. Safely cleaned and protected!

The Gtechniq paintwork coatings that we use come with a manufacturer backed guarantee (9 years for Ultra).

In order to comply with the guarantee guidelines, we have to complete a FREE annual vehicle inspection. 

Below are the Aftercare services we offer.

1) Monthly Wash

1) Monthly Wash.

We recommend a monthly wash to keep on top of the vehicles exterior.

- Monthly Subscription or On-Demand 

2) Annual Top Up

2) Annual Top-Up.

Keep your vehicle and it's protection level in top condition with our annual top up service.

We thoroughly clean the vehicle inside and out then top up the appropriate coatings in the high wear areas based on the ones chosen during the initial detailing package.


3) Gtechniq Inspection

3) Gtechniq Inspection.

To ensure the Gtechniq coating warranty is valid, a free annual vehicle inspection is required.