Cleaning, Protecting, Repairing. All under one roof! 

The interior of a car is where we spend most of our time. The look, touch and smell of the leather all adds to that luxury feel.


We offer a number of high quality leather services to either protect your new interior or to rejuvenate or repair an older vehicle.


We are an official Robornes™ Authorised Protector which means we are the only company in the area to offer the best leather guard available offering 5 years of protection from stains, spills, dye and more! Guaranteed!

Cleaning & Protecting

This service includes a thorough deep clean of the leather to remove dirt, grease and grime. Once cleaned, the leather will be protected with a nourishing balm to keep it soft and supple to stain protection. For the ultimate level of protection please see the 5 year leather guard below!

We recommend having this deep clean service fairly regularly to keep your leather interior in top condition to help to prevent costly repairs such as cracking.


Full interior leather cleaned & protected from: £79

Leather Protection - 5 Year Guarantee! 

Certified Robornes™ Authorised Protectors 

We are the only certified Robornes Authorised Protector in the area. This allows us to apply the ultimate leather guard with a 5 year guarantee.


Hand crafted in England using only the highest quality materials, the leather protection coating forms a synergistic barrier which becomes an integral part of the leather hide itself.


Dirt, grime, body oils and grease speed up the wear process causing further unnecessary damage that could have been avoided with applying the leather protection, so we recommend protecting your leather from day one!

This leather protection also guards against ink and dye transfer from clothing permanently staining the leather upholstery. 

The Guarantee: The full terms and conditions can be provided on request. In short, if your leather suffers from a stain which cannot be removed through conventional cleaning methods then it will be repaired FREE!

From £175


Leather Repair

If your leather interior has rips or colour loss then speak to us about having it professionally repaired with a 12 month guarantee.


From £69

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