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mercedes Leather bolster repair sheffield


Leather & Vinyl Interior Repairs


Porsche leather bolster repair sheffield

Cleaning & Protecting 

Our standard service includes deep cleaning the leather interior.

While hardwearing, specialist products have to be used on leather to clean the surface safely. Once clean we have a protective coating we can apply to keep the leather cleaner for longer and to help avoid staining.

If your leather needs more than just a good clean then we offer repairs as seen below.

Leather Repairs

From worn bolsters to tears and cigarette burns we are able to repair your interior.

Modern automotive leather is simply painted in the chosen colour which is what you see wear away on the high wear areas such as the drivers bolster.

Our methods replicate the same process as used during the leather production process; think of it like taking your interior to a body shop.

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Leather bolster repair sheffield


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