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View of car undercarriage when lifted on hydraulic lift in a workshop during


Lanoguard Rust Proofing Car Underbody Underseal

Cleaned.Protected.peace of mind


Lanoguard is a versatile corrosion & rust prevention and waterproofing product with a range of features making it perfectly suited to protecting vehicles.

Lanoguard is perfect for all vehicles old and new, whether it's for a daily driver, a special classic for the weekend or for your off-roading toy!

ATV Wheel

Application Process

As part of the application process we will raise the vehicle and remove arch liners where possible.

The arches and underneath the vehicle will be cleaned and pressure washed and allowed to dry.

Lanoguards tougher grease is applied to key areas such as weld seams, nuts and bolts.

Finally the arches and underside of the vehicle will have clear Lanoguard spray applied and allowed to dry


As per some of our other services, with Lanoguard there will be the initial application which will be at a higher cost due to the labour involved in the preparation of the vehicle. This initial service will take approx 3 days to complete due to drying times at each stage.

Following the extensive initial clean and application, annual top-ups of Lanoguard can be offered at a lower rate.


Lanoguard Application Plan:

YEAR 1: From £395 inc vat

YEAR 2+: From £195 inc vat

YEAR 4: Removal & Full Reapplication as per year one

*Vehicle age, size and condition will be factored into the price.

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