Car Detailing

"A lot of our customers are new to Car Detailing so we've tried to simplify the detailing process outlined below. 


The main thing to note is that every car is different. Different sizes, conditions, ages and complexities. We follow a 4 stage plan to improve and protect your vehicle. The stages are; Inspect, Prepare, Polish & Protect.


For a more detailed look into the process, options and example pricing, check out our FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Brand new car? We have a page just for you here

Read through the summary below then give the team a call or use the contact us form and we'll be more than happy to talk you through getting the process started"

- Andrew | Owner, Atom Detailing

Our Detailing Process

Car Detailing Sheffield: Vehicle Inspection
Car Detailing Sheffield: Preparation
Car Detailing Sheffield: Polishing
Car Detailing Sheffield: Protection


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Inspect: The foundation of the Detail

It's arguably the most important step. With every vehicle being different and having different lives it's essential that we can fully assess them to highlight areas to improve.


Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to listen to your needs and put together a plan for the vehicle.

We can also note any extras such as vinyl wrapping, alloy wheel repairs, dents and more!

This stage is followed by the Preparation stage below

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Prepare: The start of the process

Fundamentally, each car goes through the same initial process. There will be slight differences to suit certain situations.


This preparation stage forms the foundation from which all other stages progress.

The preparation stage includes a complete exterior deep clean and decontamination process to remove all dirt and bonded contaminants, such as tar, prior to the polishing stages.

As standard, we also remove wheels to clean them inside and out as well as cleaning the arches and engine bay.

During this stage the interior of the vehicle is also valeted

This stage is followed by the Polishing stage below

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Polish: The heart of the process

Typically, our polishing options include what's known as a 'Single stage' or 'Two stage' polish.


During the Inspection process above we will have highlighted which polishing stage we would recommend for the vehicle and inline with your needs.

Once the vehicle is Decontaminated and dried we again check over the vehicle to see its current condition now that it is a bare surface and we can see the true extent of any defects.

We will then proceed using a variety of polishing machines, pads and polishes to achieve the desired result. 

If you have chosen a single stage however the paintwork is worse than we thought, we will contact you to discuss options. This could range from upgrading to a two stage or remaining with a single stage just with the understanding that some defects will remain.

For a full description of what the differences are between a Single and Two stage as well as pricing examples, please check out our FAQ below.

This stage is followed by the Protection stage below.

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Protect: The finale. Where it counts!

We offer a wide range of protection options to complete the detail following the above stages.

The toughest protection for paintwork and smooth trim is known as Paint Protection Film (PPF) which is a clear vinyl applied to the vehicle and is strong enough to withstand chips and scratches. Check our our page on PPF here

Following this is a ceramic coating which chemically bonds to the paintwork to provide many years of increased gloss and easier cleaning. Think wax on steroids!

We also have a coating for additional services including leather, alloys, carpeting, glass, black trim and more.

We will discuss all protection options during the inspection and quotation stages.

As with all the above categories, a more detailed look into the process with example pricing can be found in our FAQ


Don't forget any extras! It wouldn't be Detailing if we didn't do the details!

Stone Chip Repair. Leather Repairs. Alloy Wheel Refurbishment. Vinyl Wrapping and more!

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Call us on 0114 327 1771 to book your vehicle in for a free inspection or use our 'contact us' form here.


We'll guide you through all the options available to suit your needs.

As a general guide and rough pricing, please see the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Click the orange headings for more


What is Car Detailing?

Simply put, over time a vehicles appearance will gradually deteriorate for a variety of reasons. These including environmental factors, poor washing technique (£5 hand car washes cause the majority of issues we see) and accidental damage. Swirls, scratches and other defects combined with bonded contaminants such as tar and tree sap rob the vehicle of its true potential. Car Detailing looks to turn back the clock and through a combination of techniques, restore the vehicle back to its former glory then protect it for the future with our range of protective coatings including ceramic coatings and paint protection film (PPF).

What does my car need?

We ideally need to view the car in person to be able to fully inspect it and discuss options. We then factor in the current condition of the vehicle and your own preferences with our experience to create an action plan for geting your vehicle looking its best and protected for the future. Briefly there are 2 main component parts to building the bespoke package: - What is required to restore the vehicle to its former glory (cleaning & polishing) - What Protection options would you like (paintwork, glass, interior, alloys etc) Additionally, we can take care of any extras (Stone chips, Alloy wheel refurbishment, vinyl wrapping, leather repair etc) ​​Don't worry if you're not sure which option is best for you that's what we are here for! Simply contact us to arrange a free consultation and we can talk you through the various options available.

What if it's a brand new car?

You may be asking if a brand new vehicle needs detailing? To keep things simple we have a separate page for brand new vehicles. Essentially it's the same process; used vehicles typically take more time to complete. The page on detailing brand new vehicles can be found HERE

What types of vehicles do you detail?

You name it, we've done it! From classic cars right through to supercars and everything in between. Cars, vans, motorbikes, kit cars, they're all welcome here. If in doubt, just ask!

What is the Detailing process?

We've divided it into 4 parts: Prepare, Polish, Protect & Maintain Each stage is as important as the last, firstly to get the vehicle looking the best it ever has and then to maintain that finish for the road ahead. Within each section, each car will require a different level of care. It's this, combined with your chosen protection options that determines the time required and therefore the cost. Ultimately, Detailing should be seen as the one big reset, an investment in the car and if maintained correctly will provide long term benefits for you to enjoy for many years Below we go into more depth regarding the polishing and protection options.

1) Inspect

Is the inspection really necessary?

It's arguably the most important step. With every vehicle being different and have had different lives it's essential that we can fully assess them to highlight areas to improve. Additionally it gives us the oppertunity to listen to your needs and put together a plan for the vehicle.

How long does the inspection take?

It can vary. If you are new to detailing and modern protection options such as ceramic coatings/paint protection film then we take the time to go through all the background information on them, their pro's and cons so you feel confortable in making your final decisions. On average the inspections last around 30 minutes. Our aim it to make sure that what we do to your vehicle will include all the aspects you'd like and for us to exceed your expectations.

Does the vehicle need to be clean?

In all honesty, yes. It doesn't have to have been washed that day but we have had vehicles brought to us where the dirt was so thick we couldn't see through it to assess the paint condition. It's better for all of us if the vehicle is as clean as possible, the quote is therefore more accurate and we can see finer details like light scratches and chips.

2) Prepare

What does the preparation process include?

Fundimentally each car goes through the same process. There will be slight difference to suit certain situations. This decontamination stage forms the heart from which all other stages are built. Exterior: - Wheels removed & cleaned - Arches cleaned - Citrus pre-wash & snow-foam applied to bodywork - Door/boot shuts cleaned - '2 Bucket' safe wash with high quality wash mitts - Tar & Fallout removed - Paintwork & glass clay barred to remove remaining contaminents - Soft microfiber dry Interior: - A variety of cleaning methods used bring the interior up to a very high standard prior to any protective coatings being applied.

3) Polish

What are the polishing options? Single Stage / Two Stage?

We fundamentally work based on 2 options. A Single Stage and Two Stage Polish. We'll go into more detail for each option below!

What does a 'Single Stage' polish achieve?

A single stage polish can sometimes be known as a 'gloss enhancement' service. This option is typically suited to newer vehicles however it can breathe a new lease of life into used vehicles. What we say is that a single stage will improve upon what you already have. Therefore if it's a new vehicle with no real defects, a single stage should almost perfect the paint. If the vehicle comes in looking really tired and heavily scratched, while it will improve the overall look of the vehicle, medium and deeper defects will remain. For older or more heavily scratched vehicles, we recommend the Two Stage Polish below. Single stages from £320 - Vehicle required for: 2 Days Once polished, while it's not essential, we would always recommed protecting the paintwork with a ceramic coating for paint protection film! More on that below.

What does a 'Two Stage' polish achieve?

This polishing option is designed with slightly older vehicles with paintwork in a generally poorer condition. The paintwork initially receives a compounding stage to remove deeper defects (which the single stage above wouldn't be able to remove) Following the compounding stage we polish the entire vehicle again but now with a finer polish and softer pad to refine the paintwork to fully restore exceptional gloss levels. This option really does make a big difference to the vehicle! Top Tip: Buy a good quality used, not new vehicle and save yourself a small fortune, then have it detailed with us to return it to as new condition. A great looking car and more money in your pocket! From £595 - Vehicle required for: 3+ Days

4) Protect

What protection options are there for my vehicle?

We offer a wide range of protective options. We have a protective coating for your paintwork, glass, wheels, exterior black trim, leather, upholstery, carpeting and headlights/rear lights.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film (PPF) is a transparent adhesive film and is the ultimate protection to guard against: - scratches - stone chips - abrasion - UV rays The paint protection film that we use has a built in hydrophobic self healing layer to facilitate cleaning by preventing dirt from sticking. The self healing outer layer which through washing and other external contact can have swirl marks etc will simply self heal with heat such as the sun or hot water. Available in gloss or matt the film can be applied to match your requirements and budget such as to the entire paintwork, the vulnerable front end or just high risk areas such as only the front bumper or headlights.

Ceramic Coating - Gtechniq Ultra

Gtechniq - Crystal Serum Ultra We believe in using the best products available. We therefore only apply Gtechniq's professional grade, 9 year ceramic coating Crystal Serum Ultra for outstanding paintwork protection. This coating is only available through the Gtechniq Accredited Detailer network as if applied incorrectly, it has to be physically sanded from the vehicle. That's how tough this coatings is! Check out for more information. From £299 Gtechniq - Crystal Serum Ultra Black For the best of both worlds we apply Gtechniq's 9 year ceramic coating Crystal Serum Ultra then we apply 2 coats of Gtechniq EXOv4 for unrivalled hydrophobic properties which repels water and dirt for up to an additional 18 months. From £395

Additional Coatings: Alloys, Glass, Leather & More!

Total Surface Protection Package - Save over 20%! This package includes all the additional protective coatings. That includes the Glass, Leather, Upholstery, Carpeting, Wheels & Exterior Black Trim, Engine Plastics & Exhaust Tips. Not only will this mean that all main surfaces are fully protected, but this complete bundle is 20% more cost effective than buying each treatment individually. From £299 Individual Coatings Glass This coating chemically bonds to the glass for exceptional durability and provides a water repellent coating reducing the need for wipers and additionally, ice, bugs, dirt and other contaminants are easier to remove. From £79 Alloys Protect your alloys for up to 2 years with a ceramic coating for extreme protection against corrosive brake dust and salt as well as dirt and grime. From £149 Leather Protect your Leather seats with our leather guard add-on for approx 6 months of protection against dye transfer, stains and increased abrasion resistance. From £79 Interior Protect your cloth upholstery, carpeting, dash & door cards. Gtechniq Smart Fabric creates a waterproof barrier to guard against stains while not changing the look and feel of the fabrics. The dashboard and door cards are protected with Gtechniq Matte dash for an antibacterial protective layer against dirt and grime. From £79

5) Maintain

How do you maintain a Detailing vehicle?

It's actually easier than you think! You fundamentally just wash and dry your car for years to come! We give each customer a washing and drying guide and we're always here to offer any help you need. Avoid the hand & machine operated car washes at all costs! They can undo your detail in no time! We also offer our ' Aftercare' section with our range of maintanence services to keep your vehicle in top condition.