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"A lot of our customers are new to Car Detailing so we've tried to simplify the detailing process outlined below. 


The main thing to note is that every car is different; different sizes, conditions, ages and complexities. We follow a 4 stage plan to improve and protect your vehicle. The stages are; Inspect, Prepare, Polish & Protect.


For a more detailed look into the process, options and example pricing, check out our FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Brand new car? We have a page just for you here

After reading through the summary below, we just need to book you in for a vehicle inspection; you can do this using the booking process here. If you are unable to make those days & times please call us on 0114 327 1771 and we'll be more than happy to talk you through getting the process started"


- Andrew | Owner, Atom Detailing

Our Detailing Process

Car Detailing Sheffield: Vehicle Inspection
Car Detailing Sheffield: Preparation
Car Detailing Sheffield: Polishing
Car Detailing Sheffield: Protection


man writing on notepad or book, paper with car on wood background. Using wallpaper or back

Inspect: The foundation of the Detail

It's arguably the most important step. With every vehicle being different and having different lives it's essential that we can fully assess them to highlight areas to improve.


Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to listen to your needs and put together a plan for your vehicle.

We can also note any extras required such as vinyl wrapping, alloy wheel repairs, dent removal and more!

You can book your inspection here. For other dates & times please contact us.

This stage is followed by the Preparation stage below

Car in a car wash_edited.jpg

Prepare: The start of the process

Fundamentally, each car goes through the same initial process. There will be slight differences to suit certain situations.


This preparation stage forms the foundation from which all other stages progress.

The preparation stage includes a complete exterior deep clean and decontamination process to remove all dirt and bonded contaminants, such as tar, prior to the polishing stages.

As standard, we also remove wheels to clean them inside and out as well as cleaning the arches and engine bay.

During this stage the interior of the vehicle is also valeted

This stage is followed by the Polishing stage below

Car detailing studio worker applying ceramic coating_edited.jpg

Polish: The heart of the process

Typically, our polishing options include what's known as a 'Single stage' or 'Two stage' polish.


During the Inspection process above we will have highlighted which polishing stage we would recommend for the vehicle and inline with your needs.

Once the vehicle is Decontaminated and dried we again check over the vehicle to see its current condition now that it is a bare surface and we can see the true extent of any defects.

We will then proceed using a variety of polishing machines, pads and polishes to achieve the desired result. 

If you have chosen a single stage however the paintwork is worse than we thought, we will contact you to discuss options. This could range from upgrading to a two stage or remaining with a single stage just with the understanding that some defects will remain.

For a full description of what the differences are between a Single and Two stage as well as pricing examples, please check out our FAQ below.

This stage is followed by the Protection stage below.

Car service worker applying nano coating on a car detail._edited.jpg

Protect: The finale. Where it counts!

We offer a wide range of protection options to complete the detail following the above stages.

The toughest protection for paintwork and smooth trim is known as Paint Protection Film (PPF) which is a clear vinyl applied to the vehicle and is strong enough to withstand chips and scratches. Check our our page on PPF here

Following this is a ceramic coating which chemically bonds to the paintwork to provide many years of increased gloss and easier cleaning. Think wax on steroids!

We also have a coating for additional services including leather, alloys, carpeting, glass, black trim and more.

We will discuss all protection options during the inspection and quotation stages.

As with all the above categories, a more detailed look into the process with example pricing can be found in our FAQ