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Is Paint Protection Film (PPF) Worth It?

A red car having paint protection film applied to a headlight
Applying PPF to headlights prevents stone chip damage

Essentially, Paint Protection Film offers the toughest level of protection for your vehicle. In order to answer the question of “is it worth it?”, it’s important to think about the following questions: Do stone chips annoy you? Have you returned to your car only to find it is damaged? Has driving down country lanes scratched the sides of your vehicle? Have you been the victim of vandalism? Have you lost money selling a vehicle in poor condition?

Firstly, if you are new to PPF, it provides the toughest protection against stone chips, scratches, UV rays, scuffs, bird/bug etchings, tree sap and much more. PPF is extremely effective in preserving the paintwork, especially if you frequently drive on motorways or in areas with gravel roads.

A rear section of a silver car with satin paintwork
PPF is especially beneficial to satin paintwork

The film is available in gloss and matte/satin film. You can apply the matte/satin film to a gloss car, giving the vehicle a satin finish, also known as a stealth conversion. If your vehicle has satin paint, it therefore can’t be polished, so PPF is a no-brainer as without this protection, you effectively have to live with all of the defects that you pick up.

While PPF is one of the most expensive ways to protect your vehicle, it is also the longest lasting. As a Profilm Approved Centre (PAC), the gloss film that we use is Profilm Ultra Clear Pro – a high quality, self-healing film with hydrophobic, anti-yellowing properties, which comes with a 12 year manufacturer warranty, offering you long term peace of mind.

Typically, you would apply PPF to the front of the vehicle, as that area suffers the most from stone chips. The rear bumper area can be protected from car park scuffs and from loading/unloading from the boot and you can also protect the sides, as they are vulnerable to scrapes, vandalism, hedge rows and more.

An upset man assessing the damage on his car
Have you ever returned to your car to find damage?

We have even seen instances of customers avoiding paintwork damage following collisions. The film itself was damaged, however, once removed there were no defects to the paintwork. This then results in only needing to replace that section of film, avoiding costly repairs which brings with it colour matching and quality issues. With a keen eye and a paint depth gauge, it is now easier than ever to spot repainted bodywork. While it may only be minor damage that was repaired, seeing an area has been repainted makes potential buyers assume the worse, therefore maintaining the factory paintwork is one of the key benefits of PPF.

To conclude, you are increasing your enjoyment of your vehicle through effectively buying your way out of worrying, knowing you have done everything possible to protect it. If you are anything like us and park at the furthest part of the car park, away from other cars and the potential for someone to hit your vehicle, the reassurance that you get from PPF is definitely worth it!

A family out in the sunny countryside with their vehicle to the left of the image

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