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Aftercare Update V.2

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

We continually work to make sure our customers cars are cared for long after the day they're Detailed. Check out our NEW Aftercare program.


Once your car has been into us for a Detailing package (new or used car) then you want to make sure it continues to look its best for years to come. Our Aftercare program is designed to do just that!

The plan.

We've divided our Aftercare program into 3 parts. This includes what we can offer you Monthly, 6 Monthly and Annually to maintain your vehicle and prolong the life of the coatings.


In our opinion you want to make sure your vehicle gets a wash at least once a month. This prevents a high build-up of dirt and grime which can attack coatings and cause more problems to remove down the line. It's the classic little and often philosophy. Our 'Maintenance Washes' can be booked online HERE and are currently offered fortnightly on Saturdays and take in total around 1 hour from drop off.

6 Monthly (Pre-winter / Post-winter):

Regular washes are a great way to keep on top of everyday dirt on the exterior however not everything will simply wash off such as tar and fallout (metal particles from brakes etc). Additionally, the interior will require cleaning and interior coatings need to be maintained as they are worn away with use.

The 6 monthly options comprise of 2 types; Pre-Winter which is the interior focused service and the Post-Winter, which is the exterior focused service.

Pre-Winter (Interior focused):

- Exterior maintenance wash (As per the regular monthly wash)

- Interior deep clean (vacuumed, leather/upholstery cleaned, carpets/mats cleaned)

- Interior coatings topped up; Leather, Carpeting, Trim & Dash

Post-Winter (Exterior focused):

- Exterior maintenance wash + Chemical decontamination

- Exterior coatings topped up; Paintwork, Glass, Wheels & Trim

- Interior express valet

*wheels can be removed as part of the Post-winter deep clean for an additional charge.


This is a FREE service as part of the Gtechniq warranty program for their coatings. We just need to see you once annually a year on from the application date to inspect the car.

The Aftercare section of our website can be found HERE

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