One-Day Detail

Perfect for maximising your cars resale value or for avoiding those costly lease return fines!

This service is great for those selling a car, returning a lease or for preparing a car for that special occasion.  


The aim of our '1-Day Detail' is to greatly improve all aspects of a vehicle. That briefly consists of deep cleaning the interior & exterior followed by greatly improving the appearance of the paintwork through the use of a variety of glazes & sealants. These products will help to mask paint defects and boost colour depth and shine for that "just detailed" look. This will help you maximise the sale price of your car or avoid costly lease charges!

How does this differ from the other Detailing options?

Nothing compares to our 'true' detailing options which can be found HERE. The cars undergoing those services look incredible because they are incredible; scratches and defects are permanently removed. How this service differs is that the paintwork products, used to greatly improve the appearance, mask paintwork issues as opposed to removing them. Think of it like applying

make-up compared to having cosmetic surgery.

The great results can however be regularly topped up for longer lasting benefits.

What's Included?

- Wheels removed & cleaned front to back

- Arches cleaned

- Citrus pre-wash applied to lower areas & rinsed

- Full exterior snow-foam, brush work & rinsed

- Door and boot shuts cleaned

- '2 Bucket' scratch safe wash with high quality mitts

- Tar & Fallout remover applied

- Soft microfiber dry

- Glaze & Sealant Applied 

- Windows cleaned

- Tyres dressed

- Interior valeted

From £199 - Vehicle required for: Typically a full business day, morning drop off for collection same day

Additional Services:

- Deep scratch removal, Stone chip repairs, Alloy wheel refurbishment & More!

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