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Protecting your new car

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Do new cars need detailing?

Prior to applying our protective coatings the vehicle has to be clean and polished. Across all manufacturers we see brand new vehicles with defects, scuffs and scratches.

It's through removing these that the vehicle looks even better than new and provides the perfect base for the protection options including ceramic coatings and paint protection film.

The dealers have offered Guardx, Autoglym lifeshine

Car manufacturers and dealerships specialise in the manufacture and sale of vehicles; the car care side is what we specialise in. The types of protection options they promote, in our experience, are rarely better than average and combine that with the fact they're poorly applied, doubles the reason to go with accredited car care specialists.


what options do we offer

Car detailing and vehicle protection options are a sliding scale based around your vehicle and your requirements. Typically with a brand new car they only require some light cleaning and polishing followed by the protection options you choose.

For those who want the best of everything, on everything, we can apply long lasting protective coatings to your paintwork, glass, alloys, leather, interior carpeting and more!

Not only that but if you choose the Total Surface Protection package then you can save 20%!

For the toughest level of protection we offer Paint Protection Film (PPF). This is a clear and almost invisible film that is applied to the vehicle and can withstand stone chips and scratches. It is applied to the full exterior, partial front end or a custom level of coverage right down to just single panels such as a bonnet.

For more information on paint protection film please visit our page here 

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