New Car Protection

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Be fully protected for the journey ahead.

Protecting your new car

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You may be wondering why a new car would need professionally detailing?


We regularly see brand new vehicles with scratches, sanding marks, swirls and dealer inflicted damage.


Lifeshine, GuardX, Diamondbrite, Supaguard. Is what we offer the same?

In almost every way, no! Dealer offered 'protection' packages are typically outdated products which are then poorly applied which is a double-whammy of poor value and results.


We use only the finest products available from leaders in the Detailing world. Where as a dealer spends minutes, we spend days perfecting your vehicle then protecting it with the coatings of your choice. Whether you're looking at it, sitting on it or touching it we have a protection option for every surface. 


What options are available?

As mentioned above and seen through our other services, Detailing is a sliding scale based around your vehicle and your requirements. Typically with a brand new car they only require some light cleaning and polishing followed by the protection options you choose.

For those who want the best of everything, on everything we can apply long lasting protective coatings to your paintwork, glass, alloys, leather, interior carpeting and more!

Not only that but if you choose the Total Surface Protection package then you save 20%!

How to book?

Whether you already have the new vehicle or if it's still on order then kindly call us today on 0114 327 1771 to arrange an appointment to discuss the options available. 

We usually carry a waiting list so please contact us as soon as you can.

Prices start from £475