Sports Car Interior

Interior Deep Cleaning

How clean is your interior?

Whats included?

Car Dashboard

Full vacuum Incl. boot

Surfaces cleaned & sanitised

Car mat

Carpeting & Seats Cleaned & Sanitised

Ozone machine for final sanitisation


In full

Vacuumed > Deep Cleaned > Sanitised

Our Interior Deep Clean package has been specifically designed due to a growth in demand for making sure your car interior is clean and sanitised. We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, eat and drink in them and touch a lot of surfaces. This package is perfect for those wanting to breathe a new lease of life into their interiors.  

Whats included:

-Full interior vacuum incl. boot areas

- Surfaces cleaned then sanitised using a combination of cleaning & sanitising product as well as steam.

- Carpets & mats cleaned & sanitised

- Upholstery or leather seats cleaned and sanitised

- Ozone machine used at the end for additional sanitisation.

from £95 

Exterior washes also available

*Same day service, morning drop-off for afternoon collection. Approx 4-6 hours.

*Severely soiled vehicles may incur an additional surcharge - this will be discussed at vehicle drop off.