Headlight Restorations 

Watch the video below to see our before and after restoration

What has happened to my headlights?

Modern poly-carbonate headlights are easier to mould and cheaper to produce than glass. They are however susceptible to damaging UV rays and other environmental factors. A special coating is applied to the headlights to add a layer of protection; over time the coating deteriorates creating the common yellow, cloudy & rough appearance. 

Did you know that, not only does it ruin the look of your vehicle but up to 70% of the light from the headlights can be lost due to the deterioration of the headlights? Not what you want when driving at night!

In addition, its an increasing cause of MOT failure!

Can it be fixed?

Choosing Atom Detailing means you're in safe hands!

We've been expertly restoring headlights for almost 5 years and returning them back to as new condition.


How do we differ from other 'restorers'?

We use our tried and tested method which involves not just a simple polish and off you go; we completely refinish the surface using an initial wet sanding process followed by machine polishing and then finishing with a high end UV sealant to prevent re-fading. If no coating is applied, the headlights will turn cloudy again faster than ever!

We're so confident in our process that we offer industry leading warranties with our restorations.


Standard Restoration: 2 Year Warranty

- Single Headlight £39

- Pair £69

Platinum Restoration: Lifetime Warranty

- Pair £99

Terms & Conditions

*warranty none transferable to new owner if sold during warranty period

*warranty includes yellowing/hazing only. Scratches, stone chips and other types of damage not included

*warranty start date as shown on digital receipt. warranty valid only with original receipt

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